Subway Fashion Show Features Condiment Inspired Couture


NY Daily News

A little lettuce goes a long way.

Veggie couture was good enough to eat at the second annual Project Subway fashion show Tuesday, where spinach, onions, tomatoes and peppers made their modeling debut at Eyebeam Atelier in Chelsea.

The sandwich chain challenged up-and-coming designers and Fashion Institute of Technology students to construct one-of-a-kind pieces inspired by vegetables found at Subway restaurants. A celebrity panel of judges — Bella Thorne, Nastia Liukin, Russell Westbrook and Johnny Wujek — devoured the looks.

“I was thinking, ‘How are they going to make a design out of a vegetable?’” All-Star gymnast and Olympic gold medalist Nastia Liukin told the Daily News. (read more)

With Classroom Champions, Students and Athletes Truly Connect


Erin Hamlin with Classroom Champions

Team USA

There are 24 athlete mentors — all Olympians, Paralympians or Olympic/Paralympic hopefuls — for the 2014-15 school year. Each athlete adopts three to 10 classrooms per year in kindergarten to eighth grade from around the United States and Canada.

Each athlete mentor focuses on their own personal journey and teaches about the hard work of training, goal setting, competition and perseverance. Using video lessons and live video chats, students are engaged with their athlete mentor at least once per month.

“I love being with children and working with them,” said Olympic luger Erin Hamlin, who is one of four athlete mentors in her third year with the program. “I’ve spoken to a lot of schools over the years, and (Mesler’s) idea behind it was spot-on and makes a lot of sense, so I was excited to jump on board.” (read more)

Nastia Liukin’s Second Act


Nastia Liukin at the "MARILYN: The Lost Photos of A Hollywood Star"

Team USA

Six years after winning the 2008 Olympic all-around gold medal, and two years after retiring from gymnastics, Nastia Liukin returned to the P&G Gymnastics Championships in late August and, for the first time, she didn’t feel like she wasn’t supposed to be out there competing.

“I feel like I found my place in my life and really realized and learned who Nastia is outside of gymnastics, and I think that’s been the biggest thing that’s happened in the last year,” Liukin told

Liukin has been to every U.S. championships since 2002, and even though she didn’t compete in 2010 or 2011, she was still a gymnast with hopes of competing in London in 2012. Since her last competition, the 2012 U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Liukin has finally and truly begun turning the page to the next stage of her life. (read more)

Nastia Liukin and Blaine Wilson inducted into USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame


Nastia and Blaine USA Hall of Fame

Congratulations to Nastia Liukin and Blaine Wilson for being inducted into the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame in Pittsburgh, PA this past Friday. We are proud of their accomplishments in both their careers and everyday lives! (read more)

Chow’s Gym Might Be The Next USA Olympic Dynasty


Liang Chow at P&G Championships


Liang Chow’s gymnasts are coming home with some hardware.


Norah Flatley was third in the junior all-around at the U.S. Gymnastics Championships on Saturday, and her two teammates also finished in the top eight. Flatley, Alexis Vasquez and Victoria Nguyen each won an individual event medal, too.

“It was a good day for the Chow family,” Chow said, beaming.

It usually is. (read more)